The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world for all of us. Zaina continues to monitor and review the situation surrounding the pandemic to ensure minimal risk to our guests and staff. We adhere to the advice of the Ghana Health Service in conjunction with the World Health Organization authorities to prepare for operating Zaina Lodge in these challenging times.

Zaina staff have received detailed training on social distancing measures and safe interaction with our guests. We will be welcoming our guests with open hearts, but there will be no handshakes, social distancing guidelines will be adhered to with hand sanitizing required upon arrival. In addition, on arrival in at lodge, every guest will have their temperature taken using a digital handheld thermometer.

The specific details of our Covid-19 measures are outlined below:


  • Over 80% of the Zaina Lodge staff have received the two doses of the Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine with some having received their booster shots.
  • Temperature of each staff member is taken at the beginning and end of each shift. Any staff member with elevated temperature with any of the common symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent for checkup.


  • Food preparation and service areas are sanitized 3 times each day prior to each meal service.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are operating at key points in the property and inside vehicles to provide hand sanitizer/antibacterial handwash in public areas and vehicles to ensure easy access for guests and staff.
  • All guests will have their temperature taken on arrival.


  • The placement of tables and furniture in the Central Facility has been adjusted to allow for safe social distancing practices.
  • Guest rooms are generously set apart with approximately 6 metres distance offering safety and privacy.
  • Mode of Meals service is predominantly plated service with buffets seldom being offered. As Zaina gains experience in handling the new reality, for larger ‘bubbled’ groups are served buffets where guests are expected to sanitize they hands each time they are at the buffet. The approaches to food service are evolving as Zaina Lodge gains experience under Covid-19 measures.
  • Social distancing shall be enforced in all common areas and service areas.
  • Each tent room will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and sealed, ready for the next guest to check-in.
  • Linens to be washed in antibacterial solutions at high temperature.
  • The swimming pool remains open and is cleaned and treated on a regular basis. Using the pool is at the guest’s discretion.


  • Zaina driving safaris are enjoyed in wild open spaces and all our guides have the highest level of health and safety training to ensure the guests’ safari experience remains the highlight of their visit.
  • All safari vehicles will be cleaned and sanitised before each activity
  • Safari vehicle door handles shall be sanitized before and after each safari drive.


  • Our staff are trained in dealing with emergencies. If there is a suspected case of Covid-19, the guest or staff member will be immediately quarantined and monitored. In the event that a guest evacuation is required, this will be arranged in liaison with the guest at the guest’s expense if their insurance does not cover.
  • Zaina Lodge is located 20 km from the Damongo District Hospital and we have a doctor on call.

This pandemic has changed all of us but there is still a wonderful wilderness waiting to be explored and we genuinely can’t wait to share it with you our valued guests.

Find safety and solitude in the environment we provide at Zaina Lodge.